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Check Out The Screens!

Take a few minutes and look through the Photo Gallery of satisfied customers. We have added many new pictures. Some will show details such as caulk bead lines, mounting of control unit for premium systems and general appearances. We take…..

Screen Concepts Now Has a Mobile Web Site for Smart Phones

Yes – We have moved into the 21st century. No more zooming in and out to view my web site on your mobile device. Take a few minutes to check it out. Also, many pictures are available of our work……

Screen Concepts at the Daytona Beach Home Show

Today is Saturday, October 22nd, and the Home Show is in full swing pulling into the last day.  I have had very good response to the display that US1 HomeCrafters had provided in the booth we are sharing.  Dennis Simon, owner…..

Screen Concepts to Profile Skeet’r Beat’r Product Line at Ocean Center Home Show

Screen Concepts will be at the Dayton Beach Home Show at the Ocean Center.  We will be sharing a booth with US1 HomeCrafters.  US1 HomeCrafters is the original Skeet’r Beat’r dealer for the eastern portion of Central Florida and has…..

Port Orange Skeet’r Beat’r – First to get Free Wash!

Not all customers prefer or need the sun blocking capabilities that the Skeet’r Beat’r product line has to offer.  Yet, these screens can offer beauty and an open environment feel to any area of your home.  This screen has been…..

Skeet’r Beat’r Motorized Roll-Up Screen – Break’n Out!

The other day, I received a call for service from a Skeet’r Beat’r owner who accidentally ran into there motorized roll-up screen with their car.  At time of installation, I warn each client, it’s not if it will happen it’s…..

Bugged no more

Screen Concepts owner James Hermann can demonstrate the Skeet’r Beat’r screen on his DeLand garage. Skeet’r Beat’r motorized roll-down screens let in natural light and air while reducing visibility from the outside, turning garages into bright, breezy, and bug-free spaces!…..

Helping Floridians Keep Their Cool

Probably the best things about life in Florida are those picture-postcard days, the balmy afternoons when you just want to throw open the garage and let the sun shine in. But, like all postcards, there’s always a less-pretty side: Bugs…..