Skeet’r Beat’r – Break’n Out!

The other day, I received a call for service from a Skeet’r Beat’r owner who accidentally ran into their motorized roll-up screen with their car.  At time of installation I warn each client, it’s not if it will happen, it’s when it will happen. This comment usually plants the seed in their head to prove me wrong, and always be conscious of the screens position when entering or exiting their garage.  But, when it does happen, it’s the design of the Skeet’r Beat’r to break out from the vinyl track causing no damage to the screen itself; this sets this product a step ahead of all others on the market!  Most of the time, all it takes is to roll the screen up and place the guides back in the track.  Worse case scenario, the plastic end guides break and need to be replaced.  A minor cost of $15.00 for each side compared to the cost of replacing a damaged screen.  This repair simply involved placing the guides back into the vinyl tracks and all was well.  This client now has the knowledge to make this repair on their own should it ever happen again.  Keeping my customers happy with prompt service is my goal and I am confident this client was pleased to have their screen back in operation again.  Besides, it’s a beautiful time of year to be working outside in the mornings here in Florida!

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  1. Kerri Tegan

    an animal (and we have more and more!) must have smelled the trash I had yet to take out this morning. I went to let my cats out to use their box and there was a tear at the bottom of the screen!! Now they’re house-bound and my bathroom is going to get smelly. I can’t afford an expensive repair.
    A. Is there a chance our homeowners insurance will cover the repair? and/or
    B. Is there a diy fix I can do like sewing a canvas strip across the length of the bottom or am I out of my mind?
    My cats live for their outdoor time!
    Pi look forward to hearing from you!
    Estero, FL

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